It Is Always The First


I guess that’s just how most people would start a conversation, then with a smile. I pretty much do not know what to fill in this blank space of opportunities. There are tons of things that go around my head right now, and I don’t know where and how to start. Listing them down could actually help. But you know, it would probably won’t, too.

Firsts are always the hardest. So this coffee-fuelled blog would probably be just a puddle of babbling and letters.


So anyway… I started blogging again (pretty much this is not my first) for the reason that I would like to free my mind a little bit. There are thousands, or even millions, of things keep popping in my mind with a beat and I’m not sure how to manage them all at once. I see writing, or blogging in this sense, to vent the pressure out of my head so I can think clearly and logically (again). I think this could be a yoga for my mind.

There are so much to say but I guess I’m going to save them for the future. But I assure you, there will be a lot about my pug Waffles (that’s him, on the picture, ain’t he cute?) and dogs and dogs… okay, some about cats.

Just a note for some Linguistics Nazis who find joy in finding error in the deepest recesses of my words: Stop wasting your time feasting on my writing style, language mechanics, redundancy and shit… ‘cuz you know, that ain’t cool man – it doesn’t make you a better person to mankind, or Jesus.
I hope I can continue writing (and praying this isn’t just a ningas-cugon moment again). Happy to write again!

Spread happiness,


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