Swatch and Review: ColourPop Lippie Kit Persuede Me

It was only a few years back when I started to fancy makeup. It was not love at first sight. I had to get used to it, slowly. It was almost a requirement (and highly encouraged) on my job placement to wear at least lipstick. I was eighteen then. I hated it at first, that tacky feeling, caking and feathering, and the trouble of reapplying it after hours of teaching was mad. Wearing makeup for me is an acquired taste – next thing I know, I am already collecting lipsticks! Nagsimula sa patikim-tikim, ngayon ang bisyo ay lumalim.

Since I discovered the magic of makeup, lipsticks have been a particular favourite of mine. It slowly became an essential to my daily life. Girl, I don’t want to sound narcissistic and all, but I don’t want leaving the doors of our house with a naked lips. At least I try to put on some tinted lip balm especially that the winter breeze here in Sydney is drying my skin so crazy.

Many of my close friends know me that I will never spend tens of crazy dollars for a single article of makeup. I always look for cheaper but good dupe of the brand. So when I heard that Kylie Jenner (and recently Mrs. Kimmy West) was releasing her makeup line selling liquid lipstick from USD17 and a lip kit for USD29, I died inside. I never actually thought you can sell a half-assed liquid lipstick for that price of gold. There was an overwhelming bad reviews when it first came out. Hey, as long as you are Kylie, why not, eh? Honey, I can chip in a few dollars and have myself a quality MAC lipstick if that’s the case.

In line with the brand, it has been long rumoured (and consistently denied… but now confirmed!) that Kylie Cosmetics is sisters with a much cheaper brand – ColourPop. They’re both housed by the same cosmetics brand incubator Seed Beauty. For the most parts in the past, they have shared the same formula with very little of a difference.

Seed Beauty
A screenshot from Seed Beauty’s website

Check the links of articles discussing how Kylie Cosmetics and Colourpop products are alike:

For a more in depth information, check out Stephanie Nicole’s review of Take Two Review | Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit (Candy K)

Why spend USD29 on a makeup that has a celebrity name while you can eventually have the same formula for a price of USD6? And here is when my love affair for ColourPop started.

ColourPop is a cosmetic company that prides themselves on how being wallet-friendly they are (which I can definitely vouch!). They believe that beauty should not cost a week of your hard-earned salary (or your parents’ pockets). They are a hundred percent cruelty-free (they do not test on our furry friends) and has some makeup products that are vegan. Today we will get our hands on one of their items – Lippie Kit Persuede Me.

Look how friggin’ cute their box is!

They were on sale from USD25 (AUD32) to USD20.00 (AUD26.65). During the time that I ordered, ColourPop was having a free international shipping. Plus, I got a freebie of mini Ultra Satin Lips Frick N’ Frack – a deal that I am happy I did not miss. I directly ordered from their website and got the item within just eight days or so. Shipping time may always vary. The first time I ordered from them took at least three weeks before I received it.

ColourPop Lippie Kit Persuede Me

It contains six matte Lippie Stix, each weighing a gram, and a cute small box kit with a nice mirror.



Shades of Ziggie, Daydream, Le Freak, Goldie, Hotline and Upside Down

So enough of the talk and let’s get our hands, lips and makeup wipes ready! I will be incorporating pictures wearing the lipstick under a natural light, with flash, and a close up (like really close!).


This is one of my favourites in this collection. It looks coral red in the picture but it is actually a deep brownish peach or dark terracotta in person. This is a good everyday look and perfect for every women and men of colour.

Ziggie (dark terracotta)



It almost has a same shade with that of Ziggie, but once you applied Daydream, it gives a plummy brown vibe. I have seen women with deeper skin tone rock this colour!

Daydream (plummy brown)



This is my go-to colour when I am feeling a little bit extra in a particular day. This is perfect if you want to achieve a grungy or burgundy makeup look since it is a deepened red wine shade. It glides smoothly like a velvet cream on your lips. This will leave a very little or no stain at all when removing it after a long day.

Le Freak
Le Freak (deepened red wine)



If you are wondering where it got its name, Goldie actually has micro gold flakes! Just take a second look. This is probably the smoothest to apply of them all, but unlike Le Freak, it will leave a stubborn red stain and it won’t be backing down without a fight. It is a rich brick red but some would say it is more of a deep cherry red.

Goldie (rich brick red, cherry red)



This is my other favourite in this collection and a perfect go-to for an everyday look. It is a mid-tone dirty peach that is best worn during the day. This can definitely be worn at school because on how subtle, simple and sweet you could look with it!

Hotline (mid-tone dirty peach)



It was the Stranger Things that came in my mind when I first read the label for this Lippie Stix. Unlike the first five mentioned, this one is not smooth to apply and feel very dry when putting it on. I needed to back a few couple of times to give it a solid layer but it is still very patchy AF. Since this obviously cannot be worn as everyday look, I thought about of something that I can make it work. If you want to make the other five lipsticks to appear brighter or vividly, use the Upside Down as a base and apply another Lippie Stix or your favourite lip stick on top of it. Works wonder.

Upside Down
Upside Down (light peach)


Okay now, let’s have a quick look again at the six shades from the Lippie Kit Persuede Me. These swatches are just single stroke application so you can really see how pigmented they can get! The order from left to right and top to bottom are Ziggie, Daydream, Le Freak, Goldie, Hotline, and Upside Down.

Natural Light
Natural Light
Under Fluorescent Light
Under Fluorescent Light
With Flash
With Flash

The lip products that I tried from ColourPop (Ultra Matte, Ultra Satin, and Lippie Stix) kept up to its claim that it is long-lasting and highly pigmented. For the most parts, you won’t find yourself reapplying after a long day since it can last up to hours but it is a must if you had a big greasy meal. As always, the darker colours can last a whole day (or more!) while lighter or nude shades might need a second swipe after three or four hours. As a matte lipstick, it is non-transferrable, meaning, it stays where you put them (supposedly, but not all the time). The Lippie Stix are very smooth and glides like a cream satin on your lips (except for Upside Down which is a bummer). For those who are not used to liquid lipsticks but would like a matte, long lasting lip colour, Lippie Stix is your new best friend. It’s just like your regular lipstick but more precise, long-lasting, and lightweight.

Even with these good points, Lippie Stix isn’t all foolproof. To my disappointment, I found Goldie and Le Freak bleed after a couple of hours. My husband and I went to see a movie one night and to my horror I ended up having a bindi on my chin! It also bled on my lower lip and on the side. On a good side, the colour didn’t fade much or weathered the whole night.


As their website mentioned, this will be the last chance that you can get this Lippie Kit because they will be gone for good once stocks consumed. A tip before using any matte lipstick, it is best to have quick lip scrub for a smoother and cleaner application. In my case (just keeping it real), I just had to wet a small face towel with a warm water and run it around my lips gently (and I think I need to do this again after doing lip swatches – my poor lips!).

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how luxurious or inexpensive your makeup are. You will be surprise on how related high-end and drugstore brands are. For example, L’Oréal S.A. houses Shu Uemura and Urban Decay as well as Maybelline, NYX, and The Body Shop. Nowadays, high-end and drugstore makeup almost use the same ingredient and technology. As long as you love what you are doing and you make the best of it, price doesn’t really matter. You can rock an Instagram baddie look with drugstore makeup or put up a pageant face in that matter. As for me, I want to keep the extra dollars for fries, burgers and pizzas.


Stay colourful,



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