I Used Honey On My Face For A Week And I Cannot Be More Thankful!

Skincare has been a hype in the past decade and has earned its well-deserved spot up in the beauty market. This paved way for thousands of brands to pop up almost every month. It is a big relief that nowadays companies have ways to cater to different skin types, needs and preferences. Goodbye to the days when you only had a maximum of three choices on the shelves. Today, there are those that are for sensitive skin, anti-ageing fix, all-organic vegan formulation to 24k gold masks. If you have a strong love affair with makeup, it is congruent to give the utmost care for your skin at the same time. You cannot paint on a rough canvass and expect it to be looking divine.

On the other hand, investing on skincare can be a little bit out of pocket that is why I thought of ways to tend my skin without drying my bank account. I seek the power of the internet for homemade facial mask recipes, and I was not disappointed. There are thousands of recipe fit for every skin types and your mood. In the end, I thought of picking a recipe that has only two ingredients, affordable and readily available (just sitting in the pantry).

As I was looking for recipes, I stumbled upon articles and blogs wherein people tried using masks every day for a week. I did not buy it for some time as I was really sceptical. I heard and read things that you should never use a mask on a daily basis since this will bring more harm than good. Then again, curiosity hit me and tried it on myself using homemade facial masks for a week!

For the record and a disclaimer, always use ingredients with caution no matter how organic or natural they say. Never use products or ingredients that you are allergic to. You might be spending a lot more on healing the damage than nurturing your skin. Also, I advice not to try using mask every single day especially if you have a hypersensitive skin. Regulate using it once or twice at most every week. Not all mask recipes in this article will work for everybody and may have varied results for every individual.

Always be reminded that using natural ingredients will not give you an instant and dramatic changes that you are looking for. It would take days or weeks before you see the effects of it. The good thing about using organic ingredients is it will never leave you a permanent or a lasting side-effect.

In this article, we will be using honey as our main ingredient in making the masks. Also, we will be needing a couple simple kitchen tools you can easily grab. Now if you are all set and ready, let us begin!



Things you will need:

  • Small container
  • Blank face mask sheets
  • Single chopstick

The recipes I will be sharing might last up to two or three uses so a small container will be handy. I bought the blank face mask from Daiso (AUD 2.80) and I thought of using this since some of the recipes can be runny. Lastly, you will needing something that you can use to mix the ingredients together, like a chopstick, fork, facial spatula or a blunt butter knife.



  • Honey
  • Coffee
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Lemon or Calamondin
  • Oatmeal
  • Banana
  • Baking Soda
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

As much as possible, make sure the ingredients are organic, especially the honey. Manuka Honey is considered to be very beneficial than a regular honey, but can be a little bit costly. When you start mixing the ingredients, you may adjust the measurements depending on how you like the texture of your mask. Just be careful on making the consistency runny or watery because you might find yourself staining your favourite shirt. Lastly, stuffing tissues around your collar will give you a peace of mind.

QUICK FACTS: Made by the alchemy of bees collecting nectar, pollen, and resins from flowers, honey can help moisturize, fight aging, and fight bacteria. Plus, it’s loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, and healing compounds. – Renee Loux, Women’s Health

DAY 1: Rejuvenation and Brightening


QUICK FACTS: There is a reason cosmetic companies have started incorporating caffeine in their range of skincare products. Coffee fights free radicals, soothes inflammation, reduces cellulites, and tightens skin. – Saba Naaz, StyleCraze.com

coffeeWe had a medium coarse roasted coffee so I needed to grind it to extra fine. If you already have an instant coffee powder, you have to skip that part. On a small container, pour the honey and mix well together before applying so you can have equal application on your skin. It actually has a nice, cooling sensation and very aromatic, too. Let it set for 20-30mins (or as long as you can). On the side note, it kind of stings my eyes a bit probably because of coffee’s acidity too (so try not to get it close around your eye area!).

After that, rub the mask all over your face very gently  before washing it with warm water or a hot towel for an easier removal. This mask can also serve as an exfoliator because of the coffee crumbs. It smells really great too! Right after I removed it, my skin instantly brightened and minimized my period acne’s redness.

DAY 2:  Lesser Flare-Ups


QUICK FACTS: Cinnamon plumps skin, cleanses the scalp, a treatment for eczema, treats acne, antiseptic, improves complexion, and soothes dry skin. – TheSuperFood.net

cinnamonMix well together and apply it liberally on your face. Be mindful that this one would melt on your face eventually so always have a handy tissue nearby. On the other hand, you could just apply a very thin layer to prevent this from happening. I was knitting by the time I was waiting for it seep in so I kept a blunt butter knife beside me to sculpt back the mask on my face. I could not use my fingers per se. Throughout the process, you will feel you face a little bit tingly, but this is nothing to worry about.

After 20 minutes or so, you may (or may not) rub it on your face before rinsing it with warm water. Like the honey + coffee mask, this is very exfoliating as well. It left my face a little bit pinkish but I immediately noticed that my acne were a little bit drier than before. Still, there was this tingly effect on my cheeks that disappeared only minutes after.

Day 3: Clearer, Glowing Skin


QUICK FACTSLemon juice does have some acne fighting qualities and can be a cheap way to try and clear your skin. It reduces oil, kills bacteria, and reduces redness. – YoDerm.com

lemonIf you ever find yourself out of lemon, you can substitute it with calamondin or other citrus fruits. In my case, I used one big kalamansi (calamondin), or two if they are too small. I advice to use a blank sheet mask because this mixture is extremely runny and will drip nonstop. Even with a sheet mask, I still stuffed tissues around my collar to keep my clothes from staining. If you want the mixture to be thicker, use less juice and more honey.

Let it sit on your face for 20 minutes or until you feel that the sheet mask has almost dried. After that, just wash your face with cold water to lock in the moisture. On my third day of masking, my skin sure looked clearer. I also noticed that my acne flare-ups (from PMS) decreased, leaving my skin smoother and silkier.

Day 4: Bye Bye Blackheads!

baking soda

QUICK FACTSBaking soda is sodium bicarbonate, a natural substance that is crystalline but often appears as a fine powder. This alkaline substance has antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a powerful medical tool effective at combating everything from colds to oral problems to skin issues. – Top10HomeRemedies.com

baking sodaThis is one of the masks that I am excited about. I have not used baking soda on my face (or on my body) before so I was really surprise on how true the claims I read on the internet. Just mix the two ingredients until the consistency becomes thick and cloudy. Apply a thin layer on your face (or just around the nose area) and let it sit for 15-20mins. If ever it gets runny, you can always use a blank sheet mask.

Massage the mask around your face before rinsing it with warm water or with hot towel. My face felt extra clean after doing this (more of like squeaky clean ). I see myself using this mask after a long day wearing heavy makeup. As with any skincare products, baking soda is effective in short period of time but can cause damage when used excessively.

Day 5: Nourished and Refreshed Skin


QUICK FACTS: Oatmeal is hypoallergenic, soothes, moisturizes, cleanses and exfoliates. Acne sufferers can benefit from oatmeal as a skin care ingredient. – Leaf.tv

oatmealThis mask is great for people with sensitive skin as oatmeal is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. As a person suffering eczema, I make sure that the skin product I use has colloidal oatmeal ingredient.

You may used either cooked (non-exfoliating) or uncooked (exfoliating) oatmeal. I used quick/instant oats because of their finer texture, but you can just blender or grind rolled oats to a finer texture instead. Rolled oats is less processed than instant oats. It is a little bit ticklish as you wait for it to dry as oats would roll down your cheeks (no pun intended).

Rub it around your face before you rinse this off with cold water. After that, you will notice your skin is supple and smoother.

Day 6: For Oily Skin and Anti-Ageing


QUICK FACTS: There are many crucial nutrients in banana that make any banana face mask extremely effective for all types of skin – dry skin, aging skin or acne-prone skin. Banana face masks leave your skin feeling firmer, with a radiant glow because bananas are rich in minerals and vitamins that are particularly important for skin. – Healthmunsta, Bellatory.com

bananaDepending on your preference, you might want to add yogurt (nourishing) or lemon (oily skin) in making the face mask. I mashed the banana to a fine, puree consistency and added honey. You may use it by itself, but in my case, I spread it on a blank sheet mask because the banana bits keep sliding off my cheeks.

Now, let it rest on your face for 20-30 minutes. The another good thing about this mask is that you can just eat the left over banana with honey! When you finish, just wipe your face with a wet towel or rinse it with cold water. My skin had a natural glow after this and it felt that I never have to use a moisturiser that night (but I did eventually haha).

Day 7: Ultimate Moisturizer


QUICK FACTSCoconut oil is used in many natural beauty products, and for good reason: It’s naturally antibacterial and antifungal, coconut oil for skin is an excellent moisturizer, it can penetrate hair better than other oils, and, well, it smells like cookies. – Siobhan O’Connor, Prevention.com

VCOSydney winter had kept my face ultra dry so I thought that this mask is perfect for this season. I have been using virgin coconut oil for almost two years now and it has done me wonders.

There are articles that claim that coconut oil is comedogenic (causes blackheads by blocking the pores of your skin) but there are a number of journals that contradict with it. However and whatever your preference is, always choose the best natural oil that is compatible with your skin type. You can find good oils for your skin below:

Using your favourite oil, mix the two ingredients and spread a thin layer around your face. The mask smells like muscovado!


all masks

I was having a bad PMS during the period that I was trying the masks. Period acne is a common sight then. One thing I observed after a week of trying honey masks is that it dramatically minimize the redness and almost dried my period acne. My face felt so moisturise that I never needed to reapply moisturiser in the morning or in the afternoon. The coffee + honey and cinnamon + honey are my favourites! I recommend using your favourite mask at last once a week but not more than twice.

The good thing about using natural and organic ingredients in your skin is that if ever things come to worst, it will not leave a permanent side effects. I love making DIY masks. Not only I get to experiment which works for me, but also I am aware that they are chemical and allergen free. Do what you and your skin suits you, love it and share it!


Love your skin,


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